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From our readers

Critics have loved Fatima, but we’re touched most by what people who buy books and read have been saying. We’ve added to a few reviews some raves about Fatima’s Good Fortune off the Net.

“A shrewd, wry fairytale for our times”

–Douglas Kennedy, best-selling novelist

“Charming. A superbly informed insider’s tale”
–Diane Johnson, best-selling novelist

“A beautifully evocative novel... reminiscent of the best magical realism... with the transforming power of innocence and goodness in a world of prejudice and mistrust”
–Susana Kay at freewebs.com

“A book that is one of my top reads. A rich and seductive story”
–Sue Baker, chief reviewer, UK’s Publishing News

“One of the four best books that I’ve read this year”
–Mary Daych, reviewer for New Zealand Public Radio
“This lovely tale will enchant you... A little Proust? ... a thousand and one serious questions about life are treated with lightness.”
–Matthieu Grimpret, Agora Vox

“Adorable. I’m entranced”
–Galen Williams, founder of Poets and Writers Inc.

“A witty and touching story”
–Salley Vickers, best-selling novelist, Shakespeare scholar

“You don’t lose interest for a second... Everything is magic, poignant, humane. A magnificent success.”
–Campanule, critiquelibre.com

“If you need to restore your faith in kindness, this novel will warm even the most cynical of hearts.”
Glamour U.K.

“You’ll want to finish it in one sitting and savor it at a second or third reading.”
–C.G. Flinn, a perennial visitor to Paris, from the Barnes & Noble website

“I’ve followed Fatima’s life with great happiness. A beautiful story.”
–Pinky, partagelecture.com

“Everything’s there for an excellent moment”
–Rosaly, franceloisir.com reader

“Deliciously droll”
–Lasirène, franceloisir.com reader

“Pure happiness”
–Brigitte Kernel, Femme Actuelle

“I couldn’t put it down.”
–Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni, biographer

“It honestly is magical and somewhat transformative. I love it.”
–Gail Buckland, writer and curator

“Full of charm.... loved it”
–UK’s Bookseller (Ones to Watch)

“Book of the Week”
Woman Magazine UK

“A witty story of love, loneliness and the enduring power of kindness in an unpredictable world”
South Wales Evening Post

“This warm, funny and delightful novel is full of the spirit and passion of Paris.”
QPD Direct

“Affirms our faith in human nature”
New Zealand Herald

“A limpid and lyric story with lots of depth”
–Barbara MacLaurin, reader at amazon.com

“Finishing this book is like to saying au revoir to a dear friend.”
–mtspace, reader at amazon.com

“You devour it in one shot. A beam of sunlight and of generous humanity”
–Yael Hirsch, en3mots

“This modern fairytale is marvelous”
–Lou, Belgium

“Overflows with energy and Joie de vivre”
–Emmanuelle de Boysson, les blog notes d’Emma 2B

“A splendid modern fable…and intelligent antidote to morosity”
–Olivier Augier, le choix des libraries

”Its elegance seduced as of the first line.”

“You wolf it all down without blinking an eye and ask for more.”

”Treats the serious with elegance and humor. Fatima deserves to be a star.”
–J-C.P., Livres hebdo

“I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”
–Fen Diva, Amazon UK

“I couldn't put it down from start to finish. Fatima became part of our household with the children asking "What has Fatima done today?"....I’m having difficulty finding a replacement read, what a hard act to follow.”
–Mrs. A.A. Abubaker, Amazon UK

“You wont be able to lay the book down... and you’d want to savor it again at a more leisurely pace.”
–anonymous reader, barnesandnoble.com

"Magical atmosphere of a fairytale”
–Eder NetKitap, Turkey

“An insightful tale... the cast is a delight in a deep story...magical”
–Harriet Klausner, Blether the book review site.

“Not to be missed”
–anonymous reader, Amazon UK

”A big breath of air”

“A truly pleasant reading moment”
–Le blog de Lucy

“It’s going to make a really lovely movie”
–Femmes, France

“Irresistible, savory, full of energy and joie de vivre”
Marie Claire, France

“The allure and magic of a true fable”
–Points de vue, France

“To read with the intention of not denying yourself pleasure”
–Prima, France

“More invigorating than a cure of vitamins or antidepressants”
–I. de Montvert-Chaussy, Sudouest.com

“An endearing fairytale... ideal for clearing your head”
–Femina, Journal de Dimanche

”Funny, moving, with a furiously eccentric charm”
–ville de baccarat.com

“Has a sensibility that accounts for all the subtleness of this lovely modern and eccentric fairytale”

”Cinderella in a djelleba makes us believe that Paris is always a holiday... a book gay, indulgent, well-intentioned, generous, and morally sunny.”
–François Pascaud, Famille chrétienne

“Juicy as a ripe watermelon”
–John Baxter, Paris through Expatriate Eyes

“What pleasure, what freshness... written with great poetry”

“A savory, warm novel, more subtle than it might seem, well written, lively and entertaining”
–Culture et bibliothèques pour tous Ille et Villaine

”Total joy from beginning to end. I adored this book and so did my friends.”

“I loved it very very much!... a fairytale quality in a certain realism with characters that are very endearing!”
–Karibou, at blog point-de-bagatelle.superforum.fr

“As a writer myself I stand in awe of some of the beautiful writing, but above all it is the insight that transported with sheer admiration. The meaning of real love, humanity, honor, selflessness. Magic.”
–Catheryn Troise, Amazon UK

”Marvelously light and fresh”
–Le Télégram de Brest

“Well written and deliciously utopian”
–La Voix de l’Ain

”Irresistibly charming”
–Le Maine Libre

”Fatima enchants”
–The Paris Libraries

“It’s sparkling and puts your mood in top form,”
–Cosmopolitan France

“You’ll adore this droll and subtle book. We loved it madly."
–Femmes D’aujourd’hui

“Just what I needed to read”
–scotsbookie, from Peebles, UK at Bookcrossing.com

“I really enjoyed this touching and often funny novel.”
–Heaven-Ali from Birmingham, UK at Bookcrossing.com

“Quirky and enchanting”
–Sherlockfan from Upper Hoot, New Zealand, at Bookcrossing.com

“I used a warm, lazy summer day to finish this book in nearly one day. It was a nice day like being on vacation.”
–DK1010, Warwick, Rhode Island, USA, at Bookcrossing.com

“I really enjoyed this simple and happy tale”
–Cardamon-wolf, L.A. California, USA at Bookcrossing.com

“Gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling”
–oi-reader, Toledo, Ohio, USA at Bookcrossing.com

”A novel as delicious as a chocolate”
–Yvelines at Kazeo.com

“A staff favorite”
–Boroondara, Australia’s libraries

”I devoured this book and closed it with a lot of regret to have to leave all these endearing and picturesque characters. You must read it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”
–Laetitia, Godarville, Belgium at Partagelectures.com

“A book to devour”
–Paindepices at art-poemes.com

“It’s a long time since I enjoyed a book as much as this one.”
–Anonymous reader at Amazon UK

“Irresistibly touching and witty”
–anonymous, at Lovereading.co.uk

“A year later just thinking about this novel brings a smile to my face.”
–anonymous, at Bookcrossing.com

“Full of charm”

“You stroll through this story as if on a Spring day; it’s lovely, things smell great… written with a lot of poetry.”
–Coup de Coeur, Espace Diderot

“I just read a book sooooo sooooo good. You like a beautifully written sweet book, you have to read Fatima. Trust me sooooo good”.
–Maggie, Queens, NY, at Myspace

My mother who is bi-polar loved it so much it helped her to recover!
-- Stephanie, New York City

"This book is optimistic, beautiful, intelligent, smiling, the proof is the diffused sensation of happiness that you feel on finishing reading the last page."
--Les Tribulations de FashionMama