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Coquilles, Calva and Crème

( Pegasus Books, New York)

"A journey that will delight the palate and nourish the soul"
-- Kirkus Reviews

Satan Lake

( Actes Sud, McArthur&Co. Canada)

"Whitman, N.Y., a nice upstate town, the kind you never read about.... You'd get turned in by your neighbors for not separating your trash at the dump. Otherwise, everyone's your friend..."

Like a modern-day Hansel and Gretel tale, Satan Lake engages us in the plight of two kids on the cusp of puberty, Angie and Ross, who are trying to straighten out their lives twisted by dysfunctional adults, in a world that is Norman Rockwell by day and Edward Hopper by night.
Their plight and the dread hanging over the town come together in a shocking resolution.

"Satan Lake is a fantastic read… a fast-paced, exciting mystery…. Satan Lake will be devoured quickly and likely in only one or two sittings."
-Edwards Magazine Book Club, Canada

"Satan Lake reads breathlessly. Each word has its importance and every situation takes us to a new no-man's-land."
-Page des Libraires, the magazine for French booksellers

"It keeps the reader from putting it down with impressive ease and effectiveness.... One of the last beautiful surprises of the literary season."
-Bruno Corty, Le Figaro Littéraire

"A thriller, a psychological drama and an intense love affair. With skillful construction the Dryanskys create a sophisticated trap and make it our turn to plunge into the mired waters of Satan Lake."
-Philippe Chevilley, Les Echos

"A page-turner that immediately plunges the reader into a sort of compulsive dizziness"
-Marc Bertin le SudOuest newspaper on Sunday

"The suspense is captivating around every character in a truly passionate intrigue."
-Claude Le Nocher, ABC POLAR


"This book is superb!"
-Alain Carton, Entre parenthèses, radio

"A strong and captivating novel"
-La Marseillaise daily

"It will keep you holding your breath and won't let you leave it unscathed!"
-le Blog de Pimprenelle

"If you're tired of the same old thrillers, read this. It's captivating, disturbing and original."
-Télemoustique, Belgium

"Terrifying....intelligent.... I loved it."
-Brigitte Namour,

"Violent, agressive, but excellent."


"Diabolically well-constructed....captivating and terrifying. An excellent novel that I recommend widely."
-Marie-Madeleine Auclaire, L'Yonne se livre

Fatima's Good Fortune

(Miramax Books, and worldwide)

Warmhearted and witty, this story of love, loneliness, and determination is alive with the sights and tastes of Paris. Fatima's Good Fortune is a tribute to the power of kindness in an unpredictable world.

From our Readers is a flood of praise for "Fatima's Good Fortune".

Fortune's Second Wink/La deuxième vie de Fatima

(Les Editions Héloïse d'Ormesson, France/ McArthur&Co, Canada, Pocket paperback, France)

In this sequel to Fatima's extraordinary adventures, she fulfills her new life benevolently influencing people. An incisive tale of human relations.

"With lightness and tenderness the authors approach burning subjects of our time: the alienation of ghetto life and conjugal violence." -Frédérique Bréhaut, The Ouest France newspapers